At DENSO, manufacturing is about innovation and technology.

Mono-zukuri is the art of making (zukuri) things (mono) and involves each step of the manufacturing process. DENSO strives to provide new value through quality, and it is this focus on "quality first" thinking that helps to make DENSO successful.

Kaizen means "continuous improvement", and DENSO's commitment to kaizen helps to provide high-quality products that meet and exceed our customers' needs. Kaizen is applied when we design products and is carried out through every stage of manufacturing. We believe each step in the product lifecycle offers an opportunity and a challenge to improve.

Quality People, Quality Products

Hito-zukuri – employee development – has been one of DENSO's commitments since the establishment of the company. DENSO actively seeks and promotes a wide variety of people, and our work culture truly values diversity.

We believe in the people who make our products, which is why we have training centers, on-the-job development and team activities that give our manufacturing employees an opportunity to have a say and make a difference. Teams of production engineering, production control, quality managers and floor employees contribute ideas that help improve our overall efficiency. It is DENSO's employees who make improvements, strive for excellence and think of new, innovative ideas.

Quality has to be built into the production process, which is why DENSO makes most of its own equipment. This allows us to tailor our manufacturing equipment and incorporate innovative ideas to continually boost quality and efficiency.

DENSO relies on advanced high-precision robotics, machine vision inspection systems and other precise methods to perform quality tests and checks throughout the production process. At DENSO, we go above and beyond industry requirements and customer expectations for quality testing. Our employees take responsibility on the line as well, and can shut down a line if they see a problem.


We work hard so that
the word "quality" is synonymous with DENSO.

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